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Officially founded in 1960 by Carmelo and Luciano Tironi, ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI’s experience in electromechanical sector was born in the 30s, when the two founders, respectively grandfather and father of the current President, were already responsible at a high level in other important companies of the same sector.

The company was born as an individual entity where the founders were assisted by a team chosen from the best technicians with experience in transformer technology. Only the sudden and early death of both the founders temporarily delayed the growth that the company could have achieved thanks to its the sound and technologically advanced structure.
For this reason until the 1970’s the production has been generally focused on a niche market: The Special Transformer for Industry.
In 1972 when the current President, Maurizio Tironi joined the Company, he revitalized it and by 1974 had commenced an important series of technological and property investments. This was necessary to put in place adequate structures and technologies to compete with those of our more advanced competitors and, above all, from the will to be promoter of market evolution, both in quality and quantity terms.

ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI has since increased the space for production and installed advanced equipment, to implement and continuously develop, to be able to respond quickly to the expectations of customers who become increasingly demanding.
The ability to offer these solutions to the world markets and the benefits of new technologies adopted, has led to years of constant growth of staff and turnover.
From these results, the company has expanded, from the 80's. Its presence on international markets, especially regarding
high voltage power transformers, keeping faith with the principles of quality and high technological content has always characterized Tironi production.

With the arrival of the Millennium and the entry into the company of the fourth Tironi generation, a series of actions were taken to give the new management the facility to further develop the business.
The acquisition of a new treatment plant (2013), an oil analysis laboratory and air-cushion wagons for handling the transformers (2018) as well as the expansion of the historic plant in Modena with the acquisition of the adjacent warehouse of Via degli Scarlatti, dedicated to the warehousing and logistics, will allow ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI to free up production space and increase the production of both distribution and very high voltage transformers starting from 2020.

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