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Relationship with the Territory

Elettromeccanica Tironi participates into local initiatives to train young people and encourage their employment.

It’s a founding member of the ITS MAKER Foundation - Istituto Superiore Meccanica Meccatronica Motoristica and Packaging - with which it actively collaborates.

Elettromeccanica Tironi supports the activities of some companies operating on the territory of which it shares educational aims in favour of young people.

And it is satisfied when it realizes that in such companies there is a healthy environment full of values that allows a happy development for young people.

A blatant example is shown in the video at side, where the historical president of Sport Society La Fratellanza 1874, one of the top 8 athletics companies in Italy, pretends to ask for the renewal of the social card and is rejected to make room for the young, who then parade joking with their coaches, showing the activities they excel in. The climate of the film clearly expresses the fraternal climate that breathes in this society and which these young people bring to the territory.

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