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Special Transformers

ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI Special and Industrial transformers meet international standards (IEC, IEEE / ANSI, ...) and they are built according to the technical specifications of final customer.

The product range covered is as follows:

Furnace transformers – AC and DC

  • Powered up to 120MVA
  • DC Voltage up to 1500V
  • DC Current up to 150kA

Rectifier Transformers

  • Powered up to 80MVA
  • Multi pulse System
  • DC Voltage up to 1500V
  • DC Current up to 150kA

Converting Transformers

  • Powered up to 150MVA
  • Primary AC Voltage up to 220kV
  • Frequency up to 400Hz

All transformers are tested at factory before shipment and on site after reassembling to ensure all our customers the highest quality and reliability and ensure compliance with warranty values.

The transformers can be installed in ambient with particularly severe conditions as follow:

  • Operating temperatures: -50°C +55°C
  • Altitude >2000m above sea level
  • Highly corrosive environment
  • Seismic zones
Special Transformers

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