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After Sales Service


With the aim of guaranteeing a total satisfaction to every customer, ELETROMECCANICA TIRONI offers a Post Sales Service with all the activities needed to ensure the optimal installation of the transformer.

Delivery is carried out by specialized conveyors, qualified by ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI and always under its supervision. Transformers are usually transported by road or by sea, equipped with one or more shock detectors to ensure that they do not undergo excessive vibrations and / or shocks during transport..

However, any type of destination or means of transport is still analyzed by ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI technicians, in case of special needs by accessing the site. At the arrival of the transformer, the same technicians will assist in discharging and positioning operations and will completely reassemble the transformer.
Once the transformer has been reassembled, a specialized test room technician is sent to the site to verify the correct execution of the work by performing significant measurements on the transformer, to test the correct connection of the protections arranged by the customer and to assist with the commissioning.

ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI also provides a service for on-site maintenance of its products.
In the case an urgent intervention is needed on site this is performed throughout Europe, by skilled
employees, within 48 hours from the request.
In special cases, however, the company can engage itself in intervening in a very short time and/or sign a real assistance contract.

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