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Insurance coverage and guarantees


ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI has Third-party Liability Insurance Coverage with the following liability limits:

Description Currency unit Accident claim limit Personal injury claim limit
For individual accidents RCT  Euro 5.000.000 5.000.000
For damages to property RCT   Euro  5.000.000 5.000.000
For employees RCO   Euro  5.000.000 5.000.000

However, upon express request, these maximum liability limits may be increased in order to satisfy specific needs of customers.

ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI also has a Product Liability insurance policy covering damages caused to third parties owing to defective products produced by Elettromeccanica Tironi, with maximum Coverage of Euro 10.000.000 for each individual Accident.

All products, anywhere installed in the world, are finally secured by a special insurance policy against machine failures and to guarantee the supply, for a period of three years from invoice date, against material and direct damages suffered by the products sold for damages caused by:

  • Project mistakes
  • Calculation mistakes
  • Hidden defects of used materials
  • Manufacturing mistakes
  • Manufacturing errors
  • Assembly mistakes

In general, in the absence of specific customer requirements, ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI guarantees its products for 24 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 30 months after the date of final testing at the factory.

This does not exclude that other conditions can be agreed with the company to provide customers with longer technical guarantees, typically 60/66 months.

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