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Environmental Sustainability

ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI has always worked so that its productive, commercial and service activities do not cause any damage to the environment, by adopting the principles of environmental protection and pursuing the continuous improvement of its organization in the matter.

The firm's commitment is constantly turned to adopt programs to reduce energy and raw materials consumption, to reduce pollution and generally to minimize the negative environmental impacts of each business, and evaluating from time to time the economic feasibility of the employment of the best technologies available on the market.

In order to guarantee all this also in the future ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI is committed to exercising an adequate control over the technical and production activities and over organizational solutions designed to achieve the objectives. A commitment that the company also requires to its suppliers and collaborators.

In order to be more and more active in this process of sustainability, open and constructive relationships are kept with the public administration bodies and with the communities in which ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI operates.

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