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ETM Disengno cad 2016

ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI designs and manufactures transformers and autotransformers customized, i.e. according to its own technology, but in accordance with the customer’s technical specifications.
If there are specific requirements the project may be adapted to customer needs, regulations and technical standards of the country of destination from the commencement of the contract.

To ensure this total flexibility, the company has a highly qualified technical structure and sufficient staffing in order to simultaneously work on numerous diverse projects.

In particular the technical department of ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI is composed by:

  • Electrical Engineering Office
  • Mechanical Design Office
  • Auxiliary Circuit Design Office
  • Research and Development Department

The electrical design is developed in detail through ETM highly sophisticated proprietary software that allows real-time design of all the features of a transformer.
This SW is continuously developed and validated by the Electrical Engineering dept. and contains over 60 years of technological know-how. Obviously, every new project created with this SW will be also verified with other SW at the finite elements.

The mechanical design is developed starting from the electrical design using 3D modelling SW, partly parameterized and partly manual (but with use of "blocks" approved and saved in the PDM).

The auxiliary circuit design is developed with a specific 2D application based on AutoCAD.

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