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ELETROMECCANICA TIRONI's mission is to produce high quality and reliable transformers and reactors, designed to meet the diverse needs of power and tension of worldwide customers.
The company's goal has always been to be for customers, not just a simple supplier but a true technological partner.

A reliable partner able to provide in the course of the time all the help and assistance needed to relieve customers from any kind of concern about the transformers installed in their power plants.

Starting from the technical specifications in the supply phase and until the exhaustion of transformer's life cycle, ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI is the partner on which to rely on for the transformation of electricity into transmission and distribution in both small and large installations.

ELETTROMECCANICA TIRONI transformers are always designed and manufactured to have the least possible environmental impact and in compliance with the highest quality standards.
To do this, the company has never stopped investing with passion in resources and in time for research and the continuous development of innovative solutions.


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